About Us

We,established with the aim to provide quality goods and services to our international and local customers. We always intended to retrieve any innovative business and ideas from local or international partners.

The company received its operating license on May 26, 2021. During those years, partners of the Keşiş Products business included..

Our company, GOLD SENSE AGENCIES INTERNATIONAL LTD. . was established by United Kingdom in 2021.We produce all kinds beverages,Agric products,fresh fruit including the Legendary Uludağ Gazoz and Uludağ Limonata, at our 80,500 m² beverage factory (30,000 m² of closed area) in Chiang Mai Village.

Our products, which has been manufacture in South Africa  since 1980, and our variety of products are manufactured in our 50,000 m2 facility, which has 10,000 m² of closed area.

At our facilities, which are upgraded each year with the latest technology, we have the capacity to fill 210,000 glass bottles, 110,000 PET bottles and 36,000 aluminum cans with our beverages on eight filling lines.

At our services, one of our missions is to maintain quality and innovation. Our R&D Department works continuously on developing new products and also strives to improve our existing products. Before putting a new product on the market, we first do hundreds of taste-tests to find the ideal flavor for the target audience. We then come up with the most practical and innovative packaging for our consumers. Our success with different food and Beverage paved the way for our entire industry, and continues to pave the way today.

Quality Assurance
Being a quality conscious company, we take utmost care during each stage of production process right from the procurement of raw material till the production of finished products. We have in-house laboratory and R&D facilities to check the quality of our products and undertake regular improvisations.

We are one of the leading companies in South Africa in the field of productive beverages, soft can drink, animal feed and other agric produce.
Yearly production of about 600,000 tons,
For annual sales of about 850 million USD.
The company employs 65-100 people both for skill and unskill workers.
Its products carry HACCP, HALAL, ISO 9001 standards certification.
In cooperation with Kfar Macabbee, Mibubar operates 4 feed distribution centers, which provide feedlots and Animal farms with feed mixes for 5.5 million portions each year.

The company has 3 divisions interms of animal feed production.
Poultry Raising - 55,000 tons yearly on 43 farms, with 9 hatcheries and 4 breeder farms. Slaughtering and Processing: a state-of the-art HACCAP slaughterhouse and a ISO 9001–certified processing plant producing a wide range of high-quality South Africa and Animal feed products.
Marketing and Sales: record-holders in local marketing, with export sales in Europe and other nations. Annual sales: about 600 million USD for the past 15 years.
The customers continue their happy relationship with our company for its quality, cost effectiveness and keeping delivery schedules.
Our company continues its path of growth ably assisted by the professionally qualified managers. The company is expanding its customer base long team strategy.


Name of Managing Director : VIRENDAR SINGH
Year of Establishment : 2021
Nature of Business : Import & Export
Number of Employees : 100 - 150
Annual Turnover : US$ 100 to US$ 100 Million Approx.